iOS 8, the next version of Apple’s iphone Operating system is expected next week

ios 8

It’s that time of the year, and Apple’s 25th annual developers conference (WWDC14) kicks off next week, after all the rumors and speculation, all will be revealed soon. It looks like Apple will announce its next iteration of iOS and OS X. Last year showed off the iOS 7 and according to the banners being displayed there is a large 8 on them, this could be the first indication of iOS 8Apple.

ios 8 board_2

The company is also putting up colorful banners all over the Moscone West building in San Francisco. The event will also see the introduction of the latest version of the OS X – the Mac operating system. However, we will wait till Monday, to know what the Apple crew has done with the latest iteration of iOS. Will there be Widget support, more features of Windows Phone and Android integrated into iOS?

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The conference opens to developers and members of the press for Apple’s keynote Monday June 2 evening (East African Time). So what are your WWDC 14 predictions? Leave us a comment below.

Image Credit: The Verge