Introducing the MTN1App Smart App

Today, MTN Uganda has launched its own smart app called the MTN1App that will assist their over 10 million customers maneuver around with all the MTN services. The MTN group made App is separated in 2 categories; including self-service and Mobile Money. You can download the MTN Smart App and carry out different functions quicker, easier and better using this app. Early reviews of the app have called it fresh, slick and good-looking and that’s something we also agree with. Although some users have complained that they have having trouble registering their numbers into the app. Airtel Uganda already has a similar app.
In March this year, a group of Ugandan developers from Xibra Digital came up with their own MTN UG Assistant Android app that does what MTN1App does. So the question to ask is which one people will adopt. The MTN1App is available on Google Play, Blackberry, Windows and Apple store. You can visit your AppStore, click the source link below (Android users) or Send the free SMS mtn1app to 0800200402. The App is free to use but you need a data connection to use it.