Introducing the Infinix Hot 2, the first $87 Android One smartphone for Africa

Infinix Hot 2 Android One

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In a bid to make an Android smartphone under $100, Google, Infinix and MTN have collaborated to bring Android One to developing markets. In this case, to six regions in Africa: Egypt, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Morocco. The Android One Infinix HOT 2 smartphone can now be purchased in each region where it has been launched. Pricing in all of them isn’t clear, but it sits at  $87  in Nigeria.

The phone is made by Techno sister company called Infinix, and is designed to offer a substantial Android experience while keeping the price low. On the spec sheet, The phone features a MediaTek quad-core processor, dual SIM slots, 16GB of internal storage, both front and rear cameras, 1GB of RAM, and FM radio a very welcome feature on phones here in Africa since most high-end phones seem to be doing away with it. Google says there will also be a premium version with 2GB of RAM but that will cost a little bit more.

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The standard (1GB/memory) version is available in the colors you see above, with the exception of “gold”, which is only available with the premium version. The phone runs Android Lollipop 5.1, and it will also be automatically upgraded to the upcoming version of Android when Infinix is ready to release it.