Introducing Techjaja 4.0: Redesigned, Podcasted and Geek-weeked

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As the Editor in Chief at Techjaja its my pleasure to unveil our new big update, behold techjaja 4.0. As I promised when we introduced techjaja 3.0 in September, we were working on a major update and here it is. In our usual tradition of naming our website release upgrades after rare red birds, this Project was internally code-named Project Liwi  (Yes, the same rare Hawaiian red bird). We’ve gone from 3.0 to 4.0 in less than two months — I know it’s fast, but we promised to deliver in Q4 this year and we had to do so before the holidays there is no doubt we have hit the spot with techjaja 4.0. The team has had some sleepless nights, several virtual meetings tonnes of brain storming sessions before this baby has come to see the day of light. Lets run through what has changed in 4.0.


[section label=”Mobile first Design Approach”]

Mobile first Design Approach

techjaja 4,0 responsvie design

The new website has been built from ground up with mobile first in mind, since over 47% of our active sessions are from mobile devices (phones and tablets), we decided to make the experience fluid irrespective for any device you have. While following modern website design principles we put the site under the ‘knife’ and now we believe we have the winning formula. Simple, Clean, Responsive and Fast were the major guidelines with 4.0.

Navigation Menu goes left

Yes, you don’t need to flip your screen, our menu on the desktop and tablet is now on the left hand side. You will always be able to reach it. On mobile its at the top left with three horizontal lines. We also revamped our menus and now load even faster than before with a preview of both the image and the title of the article when you hover over it. This enabled us to keep the site clean and maximize screen space.

Features go Long Form

We’ve also done some renaming of our blog posts category– in what we previously called feature articles — we decided to go with the current trends. Starting today we’ve adopted the Long-form nomenclature. According to Wikipedia-Long-form articles often take the form of creative nonfiction or narrative journalism and that’s the realm of techjaja 4.0. Long-form journalism has grown in popularity over the past several years, with blogs and media organizations.

Responsiveness runs skin deep

This is a 100% overhaul of Techjaja to make every part of the site responsive an initiative we began in 3.0 project sparrow. We’ve worked hard to make the site faster, while staying true to the visual language you’ve grown accustomed to with Techjaja. Not only will the site render beautifully across all screen sizes, but it will be more efficient and less resource-intensive too.

What does responsive mean?

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).



Our Hero Magazine/Editor’s Pick Goes Sliding

techaja 4.0 magazine slider

It all starts with our hero Magazine slider or you can call it Editor’s Pick, we have moved away from those square boxes that some folks thought were inspired by the verge and gone minimalistic in such away that you can view more content at once with a beautiful slider. I can’t get over it on mobile. We’ve also done away with some small design elements that loaded by default which at times strained our servers.

For example in 4.0 we have introduced grids with a plus symbol which when clicked will unleash the number of views for that particular article and at the same time you can also share to your preferred social media platform like  Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter plus you can also see how many views that particular article. Oohh before I forget, the site is twice as fast as the earlier version.

Review scores rectified

techjaja 4.0 review ratings
This is a software review score sheet with only the relevant elements to score


For all our new review articles we’ve made some major adjustments especially when it comes to user rating/scoring. Apart from allowing users to review a product with us, we’ve now done away with useless ratings. For example if it’s a software review, there is no need to add device score elements like Camera or Battery life we’ve kept it clean with relevant score categories.

As for articles themselves, they’re easier to read and look better, while access to comments and related content is more straightforward.

[section label=”Geek Week “]

Geek Week for the none Geeks

techjaja geek week

Last week I introduced our first ever annual geek week that starts today, all techjaja editors have been given the tools and powers to write and geek out throughout the week. But hey don’t worry if you are not an oddball like us, it’s basically geek week for the none geeks as well. This whole week we shall have posts and articles from different walks of life, social, entertainment, lifestyle name it we shall go there.  All our new long form / feature stories this week will be crazy and out of this world just keep it locked. We plan to make the techjaja geek week an annual event. Writer keeps his fingers crossed.

[section label=”Podcasts”]

First ever tech Podcast

Perhaps this is was one the new products that kept the team on tenterhooks, for the first time techjaja editors shall gracepodcast you with their sexy tech voices with the techjaja audio podcast. This is a drastic new venture for us as we aim to start a new tech culture in Uganda. We want to talk tech and at the same time bridge the gap between the hard-core nerds, tech-enthusiasts and the common man.

Today I formally introduce the techjaja podcast that we’re doing in partnership with great team at Wizhats Media. The podcast will be a 20-30 minute audio tech affair that we shall endeavour to bring to you more often that you expect. The podcast will focus more on tech in Uganda, Africa and the world at large. But hey don’t feel left out, we want you to join in the fun — if you have that long tech problem email us at we shall do our best to answer it.  Alternatively you can ask your short questions on twitter using the hashtag #asktechjaja or on our Facebook page. We shall record and publish our first podcast this geek week, so keep like locked here.


So there you have it, a run down of what we has in store for all our readers this holiday and going forward. Hope you like the new site, the podcasts and our up coming geek week. Ansate sana for being loyal. Enjoy our geek week and let the comments flow in.


  • john kakeeto

    Wow you guys have a good sense of design.. Love the update cant wait on those podcasts .. great work guys