Introducing Techjaja 3.0

techjaja 3.0

Bonjour to our new fully responsive website 

techjaja 3.0

It’s barely six months since we launched techjaja 2.0 and boy-oh-boy the tweaking has not yet stopped. Apart from the drastic UI interface change, version 2.0 ushered in, there were also new features like YouBlog, and movie reviews on top of the gadget and app reviews. And today am glad to talk about techjaja 3.0 internally known as project sparrow. The new version brings three major changes full website responsiveness, under the hood code changes and a new website column to crack up your ribs.

You might notice something a bit different about techjaja today. We dare you to open our site on any device, let it be smartphone, tablet, laptop or HD monitor screen.The re-tuned site works like a charm and it does it uniformly. Most major smartphone platforms have gotten much better at saving websites to your home screen, and our icon looks quite fetching there. In Chrome on Android, it’s an option under the menu. In Safari on iOS, it’s a tap away in the Share menu, the square icon with the arrow sticking out. On Windows Phone, it’s also an option under the More menu so no need for apps since the apps pull the same information from the website.

“Based on a new codebase to allow future upgrades”

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As we prepare for next major upgrade, our website has now been made 100 percent responsive. We have decided to kill off our mobile and tablet sites and now — there’s just one techjaja for all. And everything loads much, faster than it used to. From the speed test done, we have been able to optimize the site and the results are as follows :

Google Page speed puts us at 85%, GT Metrix Page Speed Grade at 96% (A) and YSlow at 84% (B) and we are still working on it for a better performance.

gt_metrix techjaja 3.0

A simple benchmark with other sites will show you how fast it is.  We have endeavored to keep the soul of our beautiful desktop site design and shrunk it down.  Don’t be fooled by what looks like visual changes only especially on mobile— under the hood, there are several changes in the codebase that will allow us to make more future changes. And believe me when I say major future changes. All thanks to our CTO Farooq, we have been able to pull off several code and design concepts and with our great internal team, techjaja 3.0 is ready to rock on any device.

Introducing jajatoons

techjaja 3.0_ jajatoons
Coming soon Jajatoons

Set yourself to crack a rib with the upcoming weekly tech cartoons, thanks to our resident draftsman Boyd Migisha. The cartoon strips are designed to the keep humor and a little bit of satire of the weekly tech scene and will vary from local to the international technology, science and cultural news and events.

As I said we are working on several concepts and features whenever we iterate. Look at version 3.0 as a foundation of our next version which is expected to be a massive over haul. Can’t wait for version 4.0 to be released by Q4 this year along with other mega features for the site. Great Stuff ahead for our readers indeed!!!

  • Peter H

    You guys always keep me excited… I also can’t wait for v4