Interview: This is what Airtel’s new ‘ Yoola Amajja ’ campaign is all about

Airtel Money Director Mr. Paul Langlois

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[/blockquote]We’ve all seen the new Airtel commercials of their brand new ‘Yoola Amajja’ promo, where a desperate wife literally lies in front of her husbands car in some kind of protest preventing him from going to pay some utility bills as she insists he does it on her phone using Airtel Mobile money. We shall reserve our comments about the commercial its self and get to the issues at hand. Last week, Airtel Uganda launched its ‘Yoola Amajja’ campaign that literally translates to “collect the money” it is a 90 days campaign essentially about giving Airtel Money subscribers a chance to win up to UGX 2 million daily when they carry out any transaction using the efficient Airtel Money platform.

We spoke to the Airtel Money Director Mr. Paul Langlois and enlighten us more about this new campaign and here is what he had to say about their ‘ Yoola Amajja ’ campaign;

In 2015, Airtel Uganda started the year with the Happiness Campaign that brought countrywide excitement. What do you have for us in 2016?

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This time, we are kicking off the year with an Airtel Money campaign named ‘Yoola Amajja’ This 90 days campaign is essentially about giving Airtel Money subscribers a chance to win up to UGX 2,000,000daily when they carry out any transaction using the efficient Airtel Money platform.

Interesting! Why has Airtel introduced this campaign?

First of all, Airtel Uganda has had very many successful and rewarding campaigns in the past. This campaign is just an extension to an already existing history of the brand and its promise to continually reward customers.

Secondly, Airtel Money has a large subscriber base, but not all of our subscribers are actively enjoying the convenience that our platform provides. Therefore we are introducing this campaign to encourage the inactive users to transact via Airtel money.

Okay. So what do the subscribers have to do to join in on this rewarding spree?

Our subscribers simply have to do one of the following options in order to stand a chance to win.

  • Invite an inactivated customer to activate their account
  • Transact through a mobile banking transaction
  • Top up airtime through Airtel money
  • Purchase a voice bundle through Airtel Money
  • Make a Cash Withdrawal from Airtel Money
  • Purchase a data bundle through Airtel Money
  • Send Money using Airtel money
  • Pay bills using Airtel Money

Simple. So what makes this campaign different from the other campaigns done before?

This campaign is actually quite different from the other usual campaigns. First of all, most campaigns require customers to send a message to a specific SMS code to join but this time round, just transact with Airtel Money and you will stand a chance to win.

Secondly, most companies do campaigns that mainly benefit subscribers living in Kampala and surrounding areas and this reduces chances of subscribers upcountry participating. ‘Yoola Amaja’ on the other hand is going to have activations in 24 regions around the country to ensure that all subscribers countrywide get the opportunity to win money as they transact on our Airtel Money platform.

This is good news. Is there anything else you would like to communicate to our readers about this campaign?

Yes. Apart from the daily 2,000,000 shillings, there is going to be a grand draw. Therefore, I want to encourage all our subscribers to transact on our reliable platform and stand a chance to win up to 20,000,000 shillings in the grand draw.

Any last words?

Yes, let me end by saying there have been tremendous efforts made to boost the functionality and efficiency of the Airtel Money platform. To boost financial inclusion, the platform now offers services such as; E-city payments, mobile banking, utility bill payments, school fees payments and many other services.

This platform is safe, secure and convenient. Just dial *185# and start transacting.