Intel might owe you money if you bought a Pentium 4 processor

Intel Pentium 4

The good old days of Intel’s aged processors are back to haunt us. For those who knew, AMD’s Athlon processors you should know that they very competitive, enough so that Intel allegedly “faked” its Pentium 4 benchmark scores way back all in the name of hiding the performance gap. However Intel denies those claims, but nevertheless, you’re probably feeling pretty taken advantage of right now, so Intel might owe you money if you bought a Pentium 4 processor.

But here come some new to put a smile on your face: Intel might pay you a hefty $15 for your endearing anyways. In simple arithmetic, this is roughly$1 per year for having to live with a Pentium 4 computer. According to Intel, A new class action lawsuit is now accepting claims from consumers like you who purchased a Pentium 4 PC in the US between November 20th, 2000 and June 30th, 2002. I guess this puts most of us off the list.


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Source: Pentium 4 Class Action Lawsuit