Instagram hits 600 million users


Facebook owned photo sharing app Instagram has released its new user numbers and just like last time,Twitter should be jealousy. Instagram now counts more than 600 million users of it app, a feat it has achieved in less than six months when it last announced achieving the 500 million milestone. This leaves 400 million users short of hitting 1 billion.

Along this six months journey, it has added Snapchat-esque features like stories, comment filtering and the live video feature. All these have helped it to stay afloat while borrowing not only from the competition, but its bigger cousin, Facebook too.

The 600 million figure is double the official figures it released in 2014 of 300 million users which put it in line with Twitter, it has now outpaced the latter by a bigger margin.

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While Twitter has a tough time rebounding to convince its investors that it can turn things around, Instagram on the otherhand is on steroids just like other Facebook owned apps like Messenger, Whatsapp and Facebook itself. This arsenal summarily makes Facebook the king of social now and years to come before it catches up with SnapChat, a feat most likely to be headlined by Instagram itself.