Instagram is edging closer to 1 billion users

It now has 800 million users


Photo sharing app Instagram is on steroids and is growing faster. Last we talked about it growth in April, it had 700 million users and in a space of 5 months, it has added another 100 million and now has over 800 million users.

A no small feat for an app that has been around for only 7 years. Perhaps Facebook $1 billion purchase for the service now makes sense. While it still hasn’t joined the billion user club like it’s cousins Whatsapp, Messenger and Facebook, it’s miles ahead of it would be next competitor SnapChat, whom it cannibalized and somewhat stalled its growth.

Instagram Stories is a direct copycat of SnapChat stories with over 250 million users. Instagram alone now has 500 million daily active users against SnapChats overall daily active  user numbers that stand at 173 million on last count. SnapChat has been keeping mum about its user numbers in the face of a fierce rivalry with Instagram.

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Also, emerging markets are to thank for Instagram trailblazing performance though they’re still marred by data issues and slow networks. Reaching this new 100 million user addition milestone has been the fastest in Instagrams history thanks to these markets and we might see a lite app launching beyond offline support to upload photos to the service as is the case with others like Facebook and Twitter .