Instagram Direct Hands on Review: No more Insta-stalkers

Instagram direct

Finally a way to send Private Instagram messages to your real friends

The next time you will open up your Instagram app on your Android or IOS device there will be an Inbox at the top right corner of the app and opening it up will take you to a page where you will see all¬† the messages that you have sent and all that you have received. It’s worth noting that it’s not a series of back and forth messages –every message consists of a single picture, a single video and a place to chat beneath it. You will not be able to send any photos back, so if you want to send a new photo you have to send a brand new thread, so in that way it’s like commenting on a single instagram photo rather than exchanging photos back and forth. You will be able to search the entire Inbox very easily as you have to scroll through the entire Inbox. Instagram direct

Instagram created rather a basic Inbox app

Fortunately  if you find some things a little ugly you will be able to hide them with a just a swipe and the same goes for deleting messages in case you reach a point of ever regretting why you sent it in the first place.

You will be able to send a photo by clicking the plus button on top of the instagram Inbox or by just going to the default camera menu. Once you take a picture you can either chose to send it to your followers or sending it to one of your friends.¬† You can choose up to 15 different people to send it to and once you send it off it will tell you just how long it’s been before they have seen it.