Instagram competitor, Prisma is now out on Android

Prisma for Android

After enjoying prime time and high popularity on iOS, Instagram’s biggest threat Prisma, a photo manipulation app has finally arrived on Android. Rivaled only by Pokémon Go in terms of excitement and hype. Prisma offers unique way of processing images unlike Instagram’s filter usage method and the Prisma’s makers say they’ve transferred all the iOS functionality to Android, so users of either platform won’t notice a difference in user experience or capabilities.

On iOS alone since its launch, it has been able to get  over 10.6 million installs and more than 400 million pictures .  The app is arriving on Android having barely been able to sustain its popularity among iPhone users. Just like Pokémon Go, servers crashed a lunch as many people have complained about the app’s unresponsive moments,  due to the particular cloud-based processing that Prisma uses. According to the verge, this app doesn’t apply a filter on images the way that Instagram does, but instead rebuilds your photos by combining them with the style of another image, typically a classical artist’s signature look, using some clever AI. The app allows you to share you edited pictures on both Facebook and Instagram. The big challenge for Prisma now is to take on the huge Android numbers without failing to resist to the pressures of its fame. You can download and try out the 7MB app HERE.