Innovation Africa Summit 2015; What went down and what will come Up for Uganda and Africa

The 6th Innovation Africa 2015 summit

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The Innovation Africa summit 2015 has been running in Uganda hosted at Munyonyo last week and by the time it ended, it had sparked a tremendous amount of ideas produced both tangible and intangible.

The summit that has seen many innovations come to Africa courtesy of Giant leading global technology companies at the Summit; HP, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Samsung, Bi-Bright, Positivo BGH, Canon, Pearson, Integrated technology Group, Lenovo, Wiley, Teachers Media International, eLearning Solutions, Wacom and many more.

The summit has ushered in things like; The Solar Powered Internet schools by Samsung , which was the headline of the genesis of the summit. The numerous panels of discussion that included different dignitaries from all over Africa to tackle technological issues that seemed to burden the Africa as a continent was worthwhile.The Innovation Africa Summit is already producing tangible results, as government ministry officials and educational institutions from across Africa held more than 420 bilateral meetings with the world’s leading technology companies to increase investments in the ICT industry and education.

“Over 1,000 bilateral meetings were held “

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Over 1,000 bilateral meetings were held during the entire summit and whatever has been discussed is yet to be put in practical use for better African ICT solutions.

The second say of the event was hosted by Education Minister Maj. Jessica Alupo of Uganda (featured image above) who addressed delegates and encouraged them to pursue increased investments in education throughout the continent as a crucial step to achieving development. African Brains and HP were the ultimate brains behind the entire conference and believe that with their continued support to grow Africa, they can salvage the best.

There were over 400 delegates from over 40 countries and several meeting were held followed by a morning of panel discussions which included: Quality Education for Africa’s Global Competitiveness; African Investment in ICT for Education; Developing Skills in Higher Education; and Building ICT Skills for a Digital World.

Microsoft Global Head of Education, Anthony Salcito believes that with the vast experience that Microsoft has got in technology, they believe thy can pass on their best to develop Education through IT to the world and Africa in particular. At the revelation of the Summit, African leaders have vowed to change on the IT mentality and they all promise to lead IT based innovations in their own countries. Could this be the new dawn for IT in Uganda and Africa? Well its only a matter of time to tell.