Infographic: One year down the road – Vodafone in Uganda

The vodafone uganda one year anniversary

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Times flies indeed! A week from today will mark one year since Afrimax Group and Vodafone group merged to give birth to Vodafone Uganda Limited and Launch their 4G-LTE network. Vodafone in Uganda is part of Afrimax group a 4G wireless communications provider in 14 countries across sub-Saharan Africa and is led by a seasoned telecoms management team with IFC and Mitsui Group as shareholders. In Uganda, Afrimax partnered with Vodafone to deliver the brand experience and operational expertise from a world class company. The evolution of  Vodafone in Uganda has been rather a roller-coaster. By they time they entered the telecom market, Uganda already had dominant players like MTN and Airtel in Voice and Orange Uganda/ Africell the data king. Today, Africell and Vodafone offer the best in class mobile data speeds where they cover.

The company has, however, been haunted by the “ghosts” of poor coverage, and that has been the number one compliant from most of its over 100,000 subscribers and potential customers. But as they say, Rome was not built in one day. The Techjaja team was given an exclusive insight of the company’s journey since its inception in Uganda’s telecommunication sector and so far we can say we like the future. Launched 12 months ago with 49 base stations, we have seen Vodafone grow from nothing to a big and respected brand in Uganda. In order to offer voice services like all other existing carriers, the company signed a national roaming (MVNO ) agreements with UTL and Smart Telecom. For those of you who have been living under a cage,  this means Vodafone customers would are able to make calls over UTL network where Vodafone network was lacking. At launch, the company had only 120 employees and 6 shops.

Brace yourself for the new offerings from Vodafone by the end of 2016. This include things like expanding their 4G-LTE coverage (including upcountry towns), Voice over LTE (VoLTE), support for more devices (Smartphones, MiFi, Routers, Dongles, Tablets and TV streaming), cloud-based services, Mobile money to mention, but a few.

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In order to explore Vodafone Uganda’s past and present, the Team at Techjaja has created a detailed infographic of the carrier’s one year journey and what they plan to do by the end of 2016. Let the bench-marking begin.



The vodafone uganda one year anniversary infographic