We’ve had plenty of time with the Infinix Note 4 Pro taking you all the way from the impressions to the review and our final verdict was that, whereas it’s an awesome device, it too has some cons to overcome though these can’t overshadow the pros . However,that was a story for that day so let’s dive straight into Why we are here — the experience of using the Infinix Note 4 Pro.

What is XOS?

The Note 4 Pro is powered by Android 7.0 Nougat and with the XOS v2.3 Chameleon layer atop it.  XOS is Infinix’s Android skin and would qualify to be Samsung’s TouchWiz, TECNO’S HiOS, or any other fancy names that manufactures comes up with for their Android Skins.

For Infinix’s case, its XOS and the blend of X can’t be resisted from the operating system to a suite of other  apps designated by an X before them. They’re embedded in the operating system to the core.

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XOS is fluid, fast and intuitive on the Note 4 Pro. It arranges the app icons in an Alphabetical order from A all the way to Z and as an ardent user, come the need to look for that app, you only have to tap its corresponding first letter and boom, there it is!

For the lazy folks, Infinix has a search bar on top where you can input your app search right into it. And the most used ones come second, Google Launcher style that you don’t always have to hit the search button or scroll through the alphabet just so you can locate an app.

The bloatware exists in form of PalmChat, Aha, Palm Play, Carlcare (These you can uninstall at will) and the X suite of apps that give you a goofy face once you try to tap the uninstall button. In other words, you can’t uninstall them

These include the X Note, X security, X Management, X club, X cloud, X share, X themes, X Hide among others

  • X Note is the Note taking app on the Infinix Note 4 Pro, making use of the Xpen stylus
  • X security does everything security from locking app, securing devices among others
  • X management is the cleaning tool. Those unused files get flashed out from here, it a bandwidth management, it also manages your battery life and is well optimized to see it that your Note 4 Pro makes it through the day. Different battery modes can be toggled on from here too
  • X Club is a forum for Infinix enthusiasts and diehards. It sure has a following spread across different countries where Infinix operates
  • Xcloud is your file storage and synchronization app
  • X Share is your data transfer app. You can use it with a fellow X share app holder to transfer files between the two devices using Wifi Direct.
  • X Themes is where you change the themes, fonts, wallpapers of the Note 4 Pro.
  • X Hide solves all matters of privacy. You can hide stuff here like the name suggests away from prying eyes.

Some of these are very useful while we did not find others useful. Amidst the overcrowding X suite of apps, XOS still operated as smooth but a big thanks would go to its 3GB RAM and enough readable space inform of its on-board 32GB ROM. There is still plenty of room for apps and other services to work fine.

These blend into Android 7.0’s inbuilt features to get the best out of the Note 4 Pro as explained in the review.