The infamous Galaxy Note 7 returns this month as the Note 7 Fans Edition

Most of you might have heard of the Galaxy Note 7 as a gorgeous smartphone last year albeit an antagonistic PR scandal that saw this once mighty Samsung device going into flames. It was such a disaster that Samsung issued a massive recall and the Note 7 was written off as a $5 billion loss.

Samsung has been open about the Note 7 making a return as a refurbished device thus fueling the Note 7 return rumor mill that has been making rounds with may saying the phablet will reincarnate as the Note 7R with R standing for refurbished. To their dismay, Samsung has chosen to call it the Galaxy Note 7 Fans Edition.

The Note 7 Fans Edition was Samsung’s final pick and will make its way to consumers hands this month according to an official statement from Samsung. While the faulty batteries were the main reason behind the previous recall, Samsung is poised not to go through the same nightmare and promises that this new Note will come with a conservative 3200mAh battery, having passed through a rigorous test as is the case with the current S8 to avoid blows.

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The only caveat is — you might have to fly to Seoul, South Korea to get yourself one of the 400,000 limited editions since global availability is yet to be announced. The Note 7 Fans Edition will go on sale there on 7th July while Sammy will announce other countries later in case chance strikes.

The original Note 7 was met with positive reviews and created too much fanfare on launch only to be blanketed by the wild battery explosions. It was retailing at around $800 but the new refurbished Note 7 FE will undercut it and retail at around $600.

However, with the Note 8 around the corner, it’s most likely that some consumers might still endure the wait and score the Note 8, though reports have also surfaced fronting the Note 8 as the most expensive Smartphone to ever come from Samsung at around $1000.

The Note 7 wasn’t a bad phone at all, so a few heads might go for it since it’s now be got at a bargain, with last year’s specs of course except a reduced battery count, a new S8 UI and of course Bixby!