If you have any of these Xperia Phones, Don’t expect any more updates from Sony

The most annoying thing about having an Android phone is that within two years or so, your manufacturer would have forgotten it and moved on to other hotter gadgets unlike Apple. You will get software updates of your device in the first year, but as time goes on, they will become as rare as seeing the sun in winter.  Sony has quietly made it known that a number of Xperia products won’t see updates after Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

According to the XperiaBlog reports, Sony has changed the update status for a number of Xperia devices. On the support page for the Xperia S, for instance, Sony makes it explicit what the “final” version of Android will be for the device. According to Android Police, the list also includes:

  • Xperia ion (4.1)
  • Xperia P (4.1)
  • Xperia J (4.1)
  • Xperia U (4.0)
  • Xperia SL (4.1)
  • Xperia arc S (4.0)
  • Xperia acro S (4.1)
  • Xperia go (4.1)
  • Xperia miro (4.0)
  • Xperia sola (4.0)
  • Xperia tipo (4.0)

All devices mentioned are more than 17 months old since their release mark, which is also the same end-of-life cycle that Google instituted with KitKat.