If only Android KitKat could focalize on cheaper phones

We all know the next version of Android 4.4 changed name from Keylime Pie to KitKat,which i think was one of those things Google did to side step the speculations and rumors that were hovering over the Keylime Pie name. Well the official reason was that most Google employees loved munching those Kitty bars, we have our doubts though. One thing that frustrates me about these Android updates is the rate at which they leave out support for low powered phones with low processor and RAM requirements, which unfortunately makes a large percentage in developing nations.

I hope the next version of Android will tackle this issue which has caused a lot of fragmentation in the Android Eco-syetem as most of these low powered phones are stuck to Android 2.3 Gingerbread with no hope of upgrading them. According to a report by former Wall Street Journal reporter Amir Efrati, breathes some fresh air in my wish — Google will attempt to make
cheaper Android devices attainable, and prep the mobile OS for wearable
computing as well.


Latest versions of Android are too bloated for low priced phones

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The writer goes on to hint that he had access to the up coming Android 4.4 feature list, and the
key improvement will be better memory management to allow “entry-level
devices” to run with just 512MB of RAM. The latest Android version distribution shows that, less than half of
Android devices are running the latest version of the operating system, and as the Android Eco-system grows app developers  will be in critical issue as they will still have to support the older versions of the OS . One thing is for sure the latest versions of Android are too bloated for low priced phones: and hope Google fixes that, it can help address the so-called fragmentation issue.

We expect Google to announce the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat soon, keep it locked on techjaja for more.