iDroid USA’s warranty claims are less than 1%

idroid CEO gives out phone
iDroid CEO gives out phone to Mrs. Bruce Major

When I first heard this statement I was a bit skeptical imagining how these numbers could possibly add up! That was before I set my eyes on spread sheets explaining the above statement, I was proved wrong on further digging when I was referred to a one, Alex Kalwaza of phone doctors (see photo below) from the UTL service shop at Oasis mall who took me through the numbers, cumulatives, percentages,  claims and warranties. It is those bunch of reasons that I finally proclaimed that you should indeed read this article. Here is a Q&A discussion Alex had with Techjaja (TJ)

Alex Kalwaza idroid technician
Alex Kalwaza Senior Smartphone Technician

TJ: Who is Alex Kalwaza?

Alex: I’m a senior technician from Smartphone phone Doctors.

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TJ: Do you know iDroid USA?

Alex: It is a smartphone manufacturer based in the USA that has recently ventured into Uganda as a focal point for its African operations.

TJ: How would you rate iDroid smartphones regarding customer satisfaction on a scale of 10?

Alex:  That would come from a consumer point of view but since you have asked, I give it a 7/10.

TJ: Why?

Alex: In the recently concluded month of April,  I sold iDroid inventory in droves of a thousands and less than 1% of people have come back with complaints and my colleagues have registered the same success.

TJ: The few that have come back, what complaints have they put on table?

Alex: The complaints forwarded normally stem from the improper use of the smartphones. Like not knowing how to install certain apps, misplacement of the battery  et cetera. I rarely register hardware complaints.

TJ: Do you have any proof to back these supposed numbers?

Alex: *He takes me through the numbers but for confidential purposes, I’m inclined not to publish them since they contain particular personal information.

As a smartphone vendor, it makes sense having no faulty returns where disgruntled customers raise complaints about new hardware. It is that embarrassing launching a new product on a new market and be met with complaints, returns however much the affected parties are guaranteed a warranty! In other words it can be summarised by the foul language “you suck”. It damages the brands reputation beyond repair and the negativity that goes with it is no doubt unhealthy for business.

And when such issues arise, it sounds  alarm bells warning you that it’s about time you delivered some real piece else?  The right answer should be else we defect.

“A good consumer advice not to purchase a gadget without a warranty”

So a near zero defection percentage coupled with less than 1% warranty claims is a guarantee that you’re in for the real thing.

It’s good consumer advice not to purchase a gadget without a warranty. In simple terms it is an assurance that in the advent of a complaint, you can be compensated so long as the warranty still stands within the stipulated duration. Since iDroid is registering near zero warranty claims, it is right to say it’s customers are indeed satisfied with their purchased hardware.

iDroid USA co-founder and C.E.O Jawad Qureshi had this to say after handing over a new Royal V7 & Tango A5 to Mr. Kushaka Bruce and Mrs. Bruce Major respectively both who had claimed their warranties.

[signoff icon=”quote-circled”]”This is the level of customer service that we provide to our clients. We want to make sure each and every one of them is happy, not just with a beautiful smart phone but satisfying after sales service & the best unparalleled customer experience”.[/signoff]