iDroid USA to introduce a Gold tango A5

tangoA5 gold

They say gold is precious of all metals and indeed the class attraction that goes with it. Gold plated items always standout from the crowd and so does their appeal to buyers.  And when it comes to choice, it’s one of the best things that capitalism has ever offered. From the many grays to choose from to the black flavors not forgetting white and now gold joins the impressive Tango A5 family. All this will happen without putting a dent into your pockets since iDroid USA was considerate enough to offer you the above and  price is off the discussion table since it remains constant. Consider this a limited edition offering with the best of iDroid USA just for your own addiction at a meager price.

iDroid USA joins a list of a few formidable manufactures that have long offered the gold option like the iPhone maker and surprisingly this isn’t happening far from home and not far from now. An email tipped me of this endeavor and a video accompanied it to put this straight that you stop meandering about this being a rumor. It confirmed, the golden Tango A5 has arrived. (Watch Video below)

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The said handset is set to hit all major iDroid outlets, partner stores as well as all telco shops that are currently offering iDroid USA smartphones. To be amongst the counted few that will first get their hands on this rare piece, you have to call the number provided or an iDroid agent next to you to place an order and tap yourself to the golden Tango A5 beat.