iDroid USA drops the bomb, slashes all handset prices to nearly a half in Martyrs day promo

iDroid V7 review

As the Christians are eagerly anticipating the June 3rd Uganda Martyr celebrations,  iDroid has kept watch and finally agreed that pilgrims and the general populous need a piece of their hardware so does everyone else.

Just as we recommended in our reviews, the mobile phone maker has announced massive price cuts for their flagship handset the Royal V7  and it’s protégé the Tango A5 by nearly a half with the former now retailing at 599,000 UGX and the latter at 399,000 UG starting from today till 3rd June.

This is the second time the smartphone vendor has slashed the prices of their top of the line hardware. After witnessing the Easter bonanza a few months earlier whose price drop attained a permanent status being carried on up to today, this further cut will see iDroid reach out to many who’ve long waited to own an iDroid USA smartphones given they’re now selling for peanuts.

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The good news was announced in a video posted on the iDroid Africa Facebook page and came as a much needed miracle given its happening over the commemoration  of the Uganda Martyrs where miracles are poised to happen.
The celebrants will have a smile on their faces given they’ll be able to celebrate with an affordable iDroid USA smartphone in their hands.

This is the Best iDROID News ever!Starting from today until Martyrs Day, you can get an iDROID Royal V7 at 599,000/- and the iDROID Tango A5 at 399,000/- plus 1GB free data per month for three months and that's not all, there is more great stuff so #watch and #share the great news with friends! #iDROIDeveryMoment Techjaja

Posted by iDROID Africa on Thursday, May 21, 2015