iDroid Tango A5 Review: It takes two to Tango

iDroid Tango A5

Aesthetics scream Samsung

At first glance it’s strikingly similar to last year’s Samsung’s flagship, the Galaxy S5. But, unfortunately the aesthetic similarities do not guarantee that the spec sheet will likewise bear the same similarities. The only aesthetic betrayal was the iDroid marking at the pack panel and may be button placements. So, lets get the party started with the iDroid Tango A5 Review.


iDroid Tango A5_hands on#

This 5 inch 146.6mm x 73mm x 7.9mm handset packs the best of iDroid with an 8MP Auto Focus rear camera and a 2MP selfie camera at the front(Both capable of full HD recording). So you’re all guaranteed that those captivating memories will be caught on camera and shared on social media streams. The Tango A5 supports bands of 850/1900/2100 MHz with dual SIM capabilities supporting both micro and mini SIM card slots. For office workaholics and those that prefer dining out, it packs Wi-Fi, 8GB of on-board storage (4GB Usable) with an SD expansion slot up to 32GB and 1GB of RAM. All this is powered by a Quad-Core ARMv7 processor clocked at 1.3 GHz to ensure seamless performance.

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Flipping the Tango reveals its dimple textured plastic back panel with a scribbled iDroid writing, its 8MP camera with duo-flash and a best speaker at the bottom.

On further digging reveals 2200mAh removable battery that ensures that the Tango is connected at all times and offers talk time of up to 4.5 hours and a standby time measuring up to 200 hours and so playing those TV shows and music over its iDro Beast™ enhanced speakers isn’t a drain or a pain in the ass*. It’s chamfered edges ensured fine grip over the phone so we weren’t worried at all times it will get attracted by the ground.

Let’s talk about the Software

iDroid Tango A5_software

The Tango’s software runs on top of Google’s Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) with a few iDroid additions like iDroid Hub, One Key lock and its tweaked Wakeup and Air Gestures over an iPhone like UI. Well we were alienated at all given our previous experience with iDroid’s Royal V7 flagship. It didn’t differ a single ounce and the icon grid looked exactly the same. However the icon trays differed from many Android handsets and iDroid joins a growing list of Android OEMs that borrow from Apple’s surging empire built by the iPhone especially when it comes to its minimalistic user interface.

The camera

We’ve have seen an 8MP deliver the best of photography and competing with sensors of 20.7MP, 13MP as well as 16MP but still puts up a better performance and out-competes many. It is no surprise if we mention iPhone’s camera and you will forgive us for always comparing the best of cameras with the Apple’s, but facts hold since it’s one of the best out there.

The Tango features an 8 Mega Pixel auto-focus rear camera with duo flash adding the HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature and a 2 Mega Pixel front facing camera ( Capable of 1080p recording). Both cameras exercised mediocrity even in full light conditions and performed worse than expected once the sun set (read as low light conditions). Well, considering the price the Tango commands, we wouldn’t argue why it didn’t beat my expectations. It’s average performance is the best answer as to why iDroid decided to drop a whopping 300, 000 UGX for the Tango compared to the Royal V7.

Camera Samples



The Tango’s processor cannot be accorded world records for winning benchmark records since it’s not the best in the game but it fought so hard to convince me by putting up a stellar performance when it came to my heavy usage. But, responding to a mail in Outlook and switching back to fellow social buffs at Facebook or re-tweeting those awesome Tweets are some of the things this phone is good at. Similarly instant messaging with my WhatsApp addicts or Facebook contacts over Messenger worked just fine.

iDroid Tango A5_performance

Here comes my favorite part, Games! I am not a casual gamer, that’s why I always ignore your Candy Crush Saga requests though games are an integral part of me. Titles like CSR racing, Clash of the Clans, Modern Combat and my boss’s well received Zombie FPS Dead Trigger can attract my attention. Is it to the 4 processors to thank that casual games did not lag? Well done iDroid.

On the flip-side,  the Tango didn’t impress when it came to heavy graphics processing and given reasonably dull low res screen coupled with pricing, you have no need to get upset. A few smartphones are outperforming old console hardware by putting up crisp graphics performance. But, we think the Tango is targeted to guys that are midway between power users and smartphone newbies.


Much as you breathe oxygen for life, these little gizmos survive on battery power. And, the more the battery muscle the more the longevity to breathe for the next few hours and the opposite holds true. It’s one reason why Samsung mocked Apple for its iPhone users being wall dock addicts but the Tango will spare you the addiction problems since its 2200mAh put up a solid performance for my basic browsing, calling and running my apps. It could last a day without a single charge if used sparingly not until I dropped those habits and opted for my hardcore genes. But still, it could keep me off the grid though at one time it called for charging which necessitated me traveling with a battery bank just in case.


iDroid Tango A5_homescreen

The competition

Given it’s a mid-range device, it has to convince a lot of folks that giving a cold shoulder to the likes of Tecno with a high portfolio of mid-rangers just to add at a fraction of the Tango’s price (UGX 649,000) like the Tecno H7, iNtex, iTel, among others its worth their hard earned dimes. Established players like Samsung and Huawei are also playing well in this field having established a strong dealership amongst the Ugandan populous.