iDroid Launches Rescue App which enables on-the-go rectification of everyday smartphone accidents

Mr. Jawad Qureshi, iDroid CEO

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iDroidUSA has launched its “iDroid Rescue” Application with remote diagnoses, troubleshooting, and problem solving support with 24/7 connectivity to the iDroid tech lab from wherever you are.

All software or settings issues can be remotely handled with the help of this App and just like “Team Viewer”, iDroid customers will be able to view every step of the process on their screen as problems will be resolved with step-by-step trouble shooting. All you need is the iDroid Rescue and stable internet connection then log in for instant help.

To get “iDROID Rescue” simply follow the steps below;

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  1.  Download and install iDroid Rescue App on your smartphone from Google Play Store
  2. Input your six digit pin provided by iDroidAgent.
  3. Initialize process by initiating connection.

“There is no limit to what iDroid as a company can offer to smartphone users. As iDroid, we want to make the smartphone experience both easy and thrilling,” said Mr. Jawad Qureshi, the Company CEO and Head of Marketing. Stay tuned for even greater innovations from the world’s fastest growing American smartphone manufacturer. You can find the app in the source link below.