I watched ‘Interstellar’ with my ex-girlfriend and it left both of us confused


Am sure most of you are still stuck at the headline and the fact that I went for movies with my ex, I know some have already silently judged me…but what the hell! Am not here to explain my crazy life of relationships am here to rant about how Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar had both of us confused. And I officially award this movie as one of the most confusing movie for 2014, or is it? But seriously forget Tom Cruise‘s Edge of Tomorrow, this one can easily be a hit and miss if you’re not paying attention to details as you watch. As I go forward please note that this post will have some spoilers. Stay on this page at your own risk.

One thing is for sure, this movie has strong performances and moments that could easily ooze some tears from you. My ex and I were left with many unanswered questions by the time was movie was done. What you need to keep in mind is that Interstellar has some pretty big  issues and (potential) plot holes that unravel over the course of its nearly-three-hour run-time. Directed by Christopher Nolan, the same chap who directed the mind blowing Memento and Inception and written with his brother and frequent collaborator Jonathan, Interstellar takes place in a near future that harkens back to the recent past. Yes, its a 2.5 hour movie, and totally worth every penny if you’re one of those people who feel the longer you stay in the cinema the more value you get for your money.

Movie Trailer

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The space based movie  has some strong scientific terms in its dialog that will make guys who have never caught up with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson‘s Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey science documentary television series stretch their imagination a little bit. For sure this movie  had a lot to take in from the weird long distance space traveling Indurance spaceship (featured image above), A black hole near planet Saturn that acts as a space shortcut to travel to other imaginary planets where time travels a zillion times faster than the speed of light am not kidding. In Miller’s planet for example 1 hour on that planet was 7 years on earth…. I tell you these writers were really high on something.  The movie is based on the survival of mankind were several scientists were sent on space expeditions to discover other planets (Miller’s planet, Dr Mann’s planet and Edmund’s Planet) where humanity can survive in the future since there was a long running theory that the earth will no longer be sustainable to support life in the future.

The Gargantua
The Gargantua

The most tricky one is the Gargantua, it’s not a planet as such but some sort of 5D world that takes you back near planet Saturn to Cooper station where the movie is c0ncluded. Okay, for those who have watched this movie and still in a confused state I think you will find Remy’s info-graphic below very, and I repeat very useful.




Still confused? Welcome to my world, or can i say the world I was in!

  • kedikebba

    This movie is just enough to cause someone a headache. And as for you, thank you for confusing your ex, i doubt if she ever wishes to go out for a movie with you again, you must have intended to confuse her.

    • roger bambino

      Funny thing she chose the movie not me….. So it was all on her… But at the end of the day I love the thought that went into Makin the movie