I officially hate the Facebook app, here are 3 reasons why you should uninstall it

Uninstall Facebook

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[/blockquote]The last time I wrote about the apps that I can’t do without on my phone, the Facebook app was number one on the list.  But, as we begin 2016, am starting to notice that with every update of this app Facebook seems to make it more chunkier and some people have reported it to be buggy on certain Android device. The Facebook app for Android has become a monster piece of software over the years. Even after getting myself a power horse of a phone with over 4GB or RAM to play with in the name of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, somehow Facebook increases the power of its mobile app to squeeze more performance out of it. I have finally made up my mind, its time to unshackle my phone from the bondage of Mark Zuckerberg’s chains –and after deleting the app and living a happy life without it, I’d like to present three reasons why you should uninstall Facebook now.

1. It drains phone resources

Lets start with the storage. On my phone the app consumes at least 348 MB as shown in image below and performance wise it has been a large resource-draining app for some time now. Neglect the Apple Music app, since that is still in beta mode on Android. Opening the Facebook app can lead to long loading times on older devices, RAM consumption is high compared with most other apps and scrolling through your news feed chews up a lot of data.

There is also the issue of battery life. Powering such a resource-intensive app requires some power, so you’re likely to see a tangible differeFacebook app cachence in how long your phone lasts on a single charge with and without Facebook installed. Try it, uninstall Facebook and monitor your battery life, the difference is night and day.

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Facebook is an essential app for many Android users, and am sure this post will be over looked by many so the tax on system and battery performance might be a compromise that many of you are willing to make. But for other Facebookers, this might be more compromise than they want.

2. Facebook lite and Facebook mobile are great

But there’s an alternative or can I say alternative. You could uninstall – yes, uninstall – the Facebook mobile app. That would cut out most of the compromise. What does a Facebook user do when they don’t have the app? You have at least two options, one is Facebook Lite and the other is Facebook Mobile.

Use Facebook mobile. In other words, Facebook in Google Chrome. There are some neat things about it. Firstly, on signing into Facebook, Chrome will ask if you want to receive push notifications directly from Facebook. If you opt-in to this, you’ll be kept updated even when you aren’t using the browser. The design of Facebook mobile is also pretty slick. It loads at similar speeds to the app, the design is similar as well, plus videos don’t autoplay (which is a plus for your data bundle ).

Next, there is Facebook lite, a stripped down version of the Facebook App the removes all the junk and also works well on slow 2G networks. But bear in mind that in both cases, some features are missing. Incase you really need them, you’ll need to keep the app.

3. A Boost in Phone performance

I deleted the Facebook for Android app last week, and not that my phone was very slow but I had noticed some lag here and there and I wondered the kind of hell people with phones that have fewer resources than mine should be going through. I’ve used Facebook in Chrome ever since and, during my testing, phone performance and battery life improved noticeably. I also lived without notifications for a time and, I have to say, it was quite nice to have a break from all the buzzing my phone used to do. I also tried out Facebook lite and I can say, its well optimized as well, though the visuals are not as appealing.

If your phone has a small or old battery, then you might see immediate results after uninstalling Facebook. And hey, you could always reinstall again if you miss it. Would you try living life without the Facebook app? Tell us about it in the comments.