Most of my close friends might have wondered why they couldn’t reach me over my known digits but today I answer to you, I had no phone service and was unreachable, at east for those who like making voice calls.  It has been quite the week like no other as you could easily reach me over the Web than the now ubiquitous phone service. My E-mail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Telegram have been as active as they’re now and the same can be said of my other services I subscribe to. You ping me over here, I ping back. You try calling me? “The number you’re calling cannot be reached at this time”, it says.

Did I miss any fun? To some extend I did but not so many people do calls these days. At least my circle of friends  rarely do but they instead opt to use messaging services. Over time, I had adjusted and life was as normal as, as always been. It would otherwise be the worst case scenario had the whole internet been shut in my now prevalent online world. It’s no secret that our government once partly shut us down but we managed to circumvent their “great walls” and still carried on. This is what to a greater extent the internet means to me, therefore my phone being down while other gizmos could still get me access can only be categorized as a misdemeanor.

Life moves on and so did mine. The one thing I lacked in this endurance was an active phone service but I could still have access to my mails, IMs, news, friends, events, and whole lot of stuff. I wasn’t alienated but only came to realize how one day, we might have to live without SIM cards. This echos with our earlier coverage of the sim card soon being no more, given the technological advances made in this regard by a consortium of industry heavyweights. Its evident with Apple’s continued churning out of  iPads with its proprietary SIM.

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While I could still make VoIP calls, send texts, reply and send emails amongst a myriad of activities, it made no case to me why I had to have a SIM card on me. So long as the internet was readily available, all was well.

The phone was conventionally for making calls and maybe texts but it has evolved overtime to encompass a host of activities that I can use thanks to embedded WiFi antennas even without an active phone subscription. It now sounds normal to me that  I can actually make it throughout the week without an active phone service.

Away from the far future lingo and retrospective tongue, not everyone subscribes to the above notion. We have a horde of Ugandans stuck with feature phones with no knowledge of the internet and they form the majority. The feature phones they hold so dear survive with an active phone service and like it or not, you and I have such contacts.
Without further ado, my phone is now active owing to the fact that I have such contacts, whom I’d miss out hearing from. I am not thankful for the calls missed, the would be opportunities gone but it now occurs to me that the SIM card is gradually losing relevance.