Humanoid Robots for Mass Production Next year

Humandroid robot Pepper
Humandroid robot Pepper

 Little Pepper to be in a home near you soon

Humandroid robot Pepper
Humandroid robot Pepper (Image Credit: The Verge)

In June this year, SoftBank’s aspirational android, was unveiled and was touted as the world’s first robot that can understand emotions. Out of lab experimentation and ready for main stream use in Japan,the robat was promised to cost under $2,000. Pepper is her name and the Japanese mobile network SoftBank wants to sell her to you introducing her as an affordable android to the common man. According to Bloomberg, the 4-foot-tall robot will be hitting the US soon can look forward to purchasing this emotion filled robot of their own from Sprint stores by next summer.

SoftBank Robotics CEO Fumihide Tomizawa told Bloomberg that he would not be surprised if sales were “half to business and half to consumers.” The company predicts that several developers will make applications and other personalized-related content, and that’s where the money is. Pepper was announced during a press conference in June along with its startlingly low price of ¥198,000 (around $1,930). SoftBank has yet to reveal how much Pepper will cost when it leaves Japan.