Huawei Seeds for the Future: 10 Ugandan ICT talents to take part in the training in China

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[/blockquote]Ten (10) Ugandan ICT talents to take part in the Huawei Seeds for the Future training in China from 16th to 30th April,  2016, at Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen China. The 10 talents that were selected by the Government of Uganda were officially unveiled at the opening ceremony of the Huawei Technology Festival at the Kampala Serena Hotel. These are expected to be trained in areas of telecom strategy, ICT industry trends and newest technology and equipment. The Huawei Technology Festival is to exhibit Huawei’s latest technological solutions and industrial trends from 5th to 8th April.

The program that started globally in 2008 was launched to nurture professionals who are urgently needed to drive development of the ICT industry in countries where Huawei operates.

“Information and communications technologies have become crucial growth engines for many different industries. As an ICT leader, Huawei is committed to promoting ICT industry development in the countries it operates and aims to drive long term-economic, social, and environmental sustainability”, said Mr. Stanley Chyn, The Managing Director of Huawei Technologies Uganda at the launch ceremony.

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He added that every year Huawei invites 1000 talents: 10 per country of different races and language to study at the Huawei headquarters show them how they can harness new opportunities to unleash their potential and contribute to global progress.

Huawei Seeds for the Future 2


The 10 selected Huawei Seeds for the Future

“We thank Huawei being a responsible corporate citizen to Uganda. we also thank them for their donation to His Excellency the President of Uganda to train 10 Ugandan youth talents in future technologies. We definitely believe that its (Huawei) ICT expertise and experience shared shall help to fuel the development of the local ICT industry”, said Hon. John Nasasira, The Minister of ICT of Uganda.

This program was announced in 2015 during the President of Uganda’s official State visit to China.