HTC pushes its ‘here to change’ campaign with Actor Robert Downey Jr.

Now this is what i would call a change in HTC, if a new ad starring Robert Downey Jr. is any indication, HTC has decided to just throw what comes to their whimsy at the wall and see what sticks. Looks so Samsung if you ask us. Early this week the Taiwanese based company released a teaser video and this time round they have brought us a full two minutes of that video  that will be shown on TV and in theaters as well as online. The big question on every one’s mind is, What does HTC stand for?

  1. HTC stand for Humongous Tin Foil Catamaran?
  2. Hold This Cat?
  3. Happy Telephone Company?

But seriously, after watching the Ad? I could still ask you what HTC actually is in full and you would not know, most recently, it was “High Tech Computer”, and it’s obvious that the real purpose of the  is just to make sure you know that there is a company, and it is named HTC. Source