HTC One MAX resurfaces, rumoured to have a 5.9 inch screen

Mid last month we reported HTC’s rumored response to the Galaxy note series, aka the HTC One MAX, and seems more has been spilled to glue some pieces together on HTC’s next mystery phone. The picture we see above is a leak from Taiwanese site ePrice that shows a rather sized up HTC One mini with a 5.9-inch screen.  If ePrice‘s information is correct, the One Max will have the same resolution as the One, but stretched over a 5.9-inch display. It’ll have a far larger battery to power that screen — 3,300 mAh versus the One’s 2,300 mAh — and a more-powerful 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processors paired with 2GB of RAM.

This will be HTC’s first phone with a screen size larger than 5.0 inches.and according to the site, a dual-SIM variant of the device is currently being tested in China with a detachable rear cover to facilitate access to the SIM trays and a microSD card slot and will offer up to 64GB of internal storage.

Source: eprice

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