HTC One MAX appears yet again in HD images, and yes its a real finger print scanner

We’ve seen the upcoming HTC One Max several times in the past, and we have always assumed it will be officially announced on October 16, but as most leaks go the the images were blurry and restricted. Not this time, round. According to the hands on pics by Chinese blog Xuite, we now have some of the clearest images of the device till date. You can clearly see the fingerprint sensor on the back, sticking out on the clean aluminum back as if it was a last minute addition.This version of the One Max also has a removable back cover that has two SIM slots and a memory card slot underneath.

The disappointing thing with the One Max is that they used the HTC One Mini’s design and look that features the same white plastic band running around the edge that makes it look like a giant One Mini. On top is the infrared port and it seems HTC has moved the power button to a more convenient location on the side.  With few days left we are yet to see the official launch of the device.