HTC One 2014 Press Image leaks, confrims dual camera set up

It’s been hours since HTC sent out after the invitations to a March 25th event went out, and the excitement just keeps building, now we have what evleaks  confirms is the HTC One 2014 the subject of HTC’s big launch. From the leaked shots The 2014 HTC One has been revealed in a leaked press shot, you can see the  dual-camera setup on the rear and the lack of physical or capacitive buttons on the front. The gold color, stereo BoomSound speakers, and overall appearance very much like the existing One’s aesthetics and design. There is also what seems to be a dual-color LED flash, which would again underline the importance HTC seems to be making sure they merge out the best  in mobile photography. Till launch next month we shall see if this is the real deal.