HTC One 2014 is expected to be with a better camera bigger screen, and grace our eyeballs in March

As we wrap up yet another week in 2014, rumors coming in from Bloomberg, claim that HTC is working on a new version of its flagship One phone and it would grace our eyeballs in in March. Expect to see the same design as the current HTC One something we would actually welcome cause it has a great design. Apart from that the size of the screen is reportedly going to be bigger between 4.7 to 5.5 inches we suspect. We are not certain yet if it will be a 2k screen or HTC will remain with the same 1080p.

Further rumors suggest a dual-sensor for the camera, something we think HTC needs badly for its next iteration in it’s Ultra pixel camera technology. Bloomberg’s report fits with the timing of the first HTC One announcement, which happened just before February’s Mobile World Congress last year.

In terms of processor there might be  Snapdragon 805 processor, which means goodies like 64bit, LTE -Advanced (no LTE network supports this in Uganda currently) and of course better battery performance.  Till March we wait and see if HTC will deliver.