HTC finally retaliates with the HTC One MAX, to give the Galaxy Note a run for its money

one max offical

Longing for a bigger HTC One device? Your wait may soon be over as rumors coming in from  Mobile Geeks reports that the One Max should be expected in September this year. This of course follows Samsung’s highly successful Galaxy Note family which has already bred a number of competitors — from LG’s doomed Optimus Vu to Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z Ultra —and now HTC looks to be joining the fray with a 6-inch, 1080p device dubbed the One Max. The rumored internal spec sheet looks juicy and a real geek’s dream; it will spot a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 chip, allied to 2GB of RAM, up to 64GB of storage, and a 3200mAh battery.

The Galaxy Note 3 is expected to be released around the same time in September that HTC plans to release the One MAX. And this is predicted to give Samsung a run for their money. All HTC needs to do is work on a killer pen input technology and they will be in business.

Source: Mobile Geeks reports