HTC bashes the iPhone in new One A9 commercial


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In a rather unexpected move, HTC has released their first major commercial for the new One A9 Android handset is all about how you can leave Apple and the iPhone. We’ve seen this before, as they try to mimic Apples’s famous “1984” commercial against IBM and now the tables have turned so HTC is presenting the iPhone as the boring, gray, generic thing that everyone uses and does.

The most amusing part of the ad is where the model runs along the runway-length dining table, with a pyramidal structure made up of white-painted apples. The video’s protagonist proceeds to kick the apples. A young lady looks impressed by this for whatever reason best known to her.

Despite the One A9 being the most expertly crafted iPhone clone we’ve seen, HTC urges One A9 buyers to be different. This ad is actually just a follow-up to its A9 promo website, which proclaims it to have “design worth imitating.”