HTC and Nokia to end all litigation in a signed deal

Nokia has announced today it has signed a patent and “technology collaboration agreement” with Taiwanese Phone maker HTC. This settlement will end years of pending patent judicial proceedings. According to Nokia’s Blog page, both firms will work together on HTC’s LTE patent portfolio, and “future technology collaboration opportunities.”

One less patent battle

Paul Melin, Nokia’s chief intellectual property officer said that his company is pleased to have reached a settlement and collaboration agreement with HTC, which is a long-standing licensee for Nokia’s standards essential patents. There were over 45 Nokia patents that HTC, RIM and VewSonic infringed way back in 2012. Nokia’s patents covered hardware features like radios, antennas, and power management, as well as software features like multitasking, navigation, app stores, retrieving email attachments on mobile, “conversational” message display, dynamic menus, and certain types of data encryption.

This truce puts and end Nokia’s aggressive licensing tactics, but as the terms are being kept confidential it’s unknown exactly how much HTC has to pay.

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