HP shrinks the desktop into your pocket


HP has unveiled two new PCs that they hope will revolutionize the PC experience at home.

“The desktop tower PC continues to be a focal point in the home for sharing, creating, and entertaining… The HP Pavilion and HP Stream Mini Desktops deliver the benefits of a traditional desktop PC in a package that looks good sitting on a desk and is small enough to fit into an entertainment center..”

– Mike Nash, VP

The Pavilion 300-020 Mini (above) comes with an Intel Celeron or Pentium CPU, but can optionally be configured with an Intel Core i-series CPU for better performance. The 5.7 inch square PC is 2 inches thick, embodied in a pleasant gray and silver plastic casing. It weighs just over 720gms.

hp_ces_tiny_pcIt comes loaded with a 500GB 7,200rpm hard drive and 4GB of RAM. The front panel has two USB 3.0 ports and two more at the back, along with both HDMI and Display Port outputs, an audio output, and an Ethernet jack.

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The similar-looking Stream Mini (left) comes with the same USB ports, display ports, audio output as the Pavillion Mini, but lacks some of it’s features to cut the lower price.  It is designed to be cloud-based so, no hard drive. However, it comes with a 32GB SSD that might be used for OS files. The processor is a low-power Intel Celeron, and 2GB of RAM.

Both the Pavilion Mini and Stream Mini will be available in the US on January 14, with the Pavilion starting at $319 and the Stream at $179. HP is yet to provide international price and availability details.