With the rise in car theft and Boda Bodas in Uganda and especially in Kampala, parking a vehicle on Kampala streets is becoming increasing a risky thing to do. Many people have been victims and police has not been of much help given the fact that tracking down the syndicates in a country without surveillance cameras is next to impossible. Let’s find out how possible it is to track your vehicle or boda boda in Kampala with no hustle.

Amidst the storm, have risen several innovations and one of these is Track24 which is a GPS and Satellite tracking solutions provider. With a team of Telecom engineers and programmers, Track24 has designed cost effective solutions that will enable one track their mobile assets (Vehicles, Motorcycles, Children, Packages, and Laptops) using a mobile application which picks reports from a GPS/Satellite tracking device installed in the vehicle/motorcycle.

According to the Operations manager and engineer Jude Makoba, the circuit boards of the devices were redesigned and compressed making them one of the smallest GPS tracking devices on the market yet delivering accurate results. “We are a team who have been working on this project for the last 8 months and the results have been very impressive with clients already using our system” Jude further elaborates.

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The system has the ability to remotely stop the engine of a vehicle using a command sent from our application or SMS, to live tracking of the vehicle including the speed, location and direction in which the vehicle is moving, Track24 system is able to give you play back history where one is able to see the previous movements of their vehicle, the parking places and for how long it parked.

With ability to set a Geo-fence, using the application, the vehicle owner is able to set the boundaries under which their vehicle should not exceed and in case of bleach of boundaries set, the car owner will be notified.

Android User Interface for Tracking System

How Track24 works

The company will install a GPS tracking device and immobilizer into the vehicle/motorcycle which is connected to the vehicle and hidden in any part of the vehicle disguised. This device is not easily identifiable thus cannot be tampered with in case of theft.

After installation of the device, we install our application (TRACK24) which is compatible to Android and iOS devices to your phone, allocate you an account and a password for which you can monitor and manage your vehicle. This means owning a smartphone is paramount for the users of this system.


The System Features

Track24’s system has different unique features which include the following.

Live Tracking: Live tracking enables a vehicle owner to see the location of the vehicle in real time. This is able to give you the speed at which the vehicle is moving and the direction course.

Geo-fence: This feature enables the vehicle owner to set the radius/virtual fence in which the vehicle should operate. In case of bleach of the fence, the owner is notified via the application and can choose the next course of action.

The Live Tracking (L) and Geo-Tagging (R) Features

Engine Immobilization: This feature enables one to remotely stop the engine. This command is sent from the application and cuts the fuel supply to the engine thus immobilizing the vehicle. The vehicle can can’t be started unless a new command to start the engine is sent.

Playback History: With the Track24 system installed in your vehicle, you will be able to see the different routes taken by your vehicle for any given period of time.

Disconnection Alarm: The system is able to detect and notify in-case of tampering of the tracking device installed in the vehicle.


Other additional packages

fule monitoringFor commercial fleet owners, there are additional packages such as Fuel Monitoring which enables fleet owners to monitor the usage of fuel and give alerts in cases of fuel theft. Fuel control and management solution is designed to monitor, save and optimize fuel related costs. Information about fuel level and consumption is obtained in two ways – connecting GPS tracker to on-board computer (CANbus) or installing fuel level sensor directly in the fuel tank.

This solution generates detailed reports which identify drivers who waste company fuel and vehicles that use too much fuel. It also shows when fuel tank was filled and when fuel theft is being done.  In case of fuel theft a warning email or SMS is sent to the responsible persons.


The CEO and founder, Masaba Mas Yunus told Techjaja that Track24 (Member of Mas Group) has joined a market that has other players but however he was quick to distinguish how Track24 is with the unique size of trackers and cost-effectiveness of the system. For as low as UGX 300,000 for vehicles and UGX 150,000 for Boda bodas, they will install a GPS tracking device in your vehicle which will enable you locate your vehicle, know it’s movement history and get to stop the engine remotely.