How to tell if someone has been spying on you via Gmail

If you own an Android smartphone, chances are high that you also have a Gmail account. Your Gmail account could have some sensitive information—emails from your lovers, friends or family members, videos that could go viral if not well protected or worse still candid pictures, you name it. Imagine you one day leave your laptop or phone lying around, how would you tell that someone has been poking around ?


You are in luck, Apparently Google gives you the tools necessary to find out.Gmail Security

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First, log into your Gmail account from your PC via a  Web browser. At the Inbox screen, scroll to the bottom, and look for the link labelled “Details” in the lower-right corner. (You may need closer or borrow prescription glasses in case you can’t see it)

Gmail Security

 6am checking email? Was that really me?

Next click the Details link — a pop-up window that shows the last 10 times you or someone else used your Gmail account. The information is also bundled with more data like how the mail was accessed it (through a browser, an email app, and so on), their IP address, (in my case mine is the same so am safe) and the time access it was accessed. CATION: If none of the information tallies with your gmail user behaviour pleased change the password.

To be on a safe side, you may want to turn on two-factor authentication for your Google account, this will surely give you another layer of protection for your email.