How to protect your WhatsApp Account from being hacked

how to protect your whatsapp account

The past week was full of tips to get right down and dirty with WhatsApp hacks from  how to get two WhatsApp accounts on one phone, to ways of spying on someone’s WhatsApp account. In this week’s WhatsApp adventure, we flip the coin in the opposite direction and give you some tips you can use to jealously safeguard those videos, pictures and kinky chats from prying eyes.  WhatsApp app being the most popular chat app in now time, expect it to be a play field of attackers. We shall present the tips for Android users and iPhone users separately. 


For iPhone it’s down right simple and straightforward, since every iPhone WhatsApp account has particular MAC address for user identification. Once you change MAC Address, WhatsApp will ask for re-verification. You cannot use another person’s MAC account with no verification. Even if there are some tricks, which help attackers to spy your WhatsApp account once they got your MAC address. So as a MUST, guarding your address jealously is paramount, please do not share it.


Guard your IMEI secret code

Every phone and this means every WhatsApp account has special IMEI number. You can get any IMEI number by dialing *#06#. Never share it with anyone. Once you change that IMEI code in your android device WhatsApp will ask you for re-verification.

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Since WhatsApp is a PHP based mobile chat app. Developers and attackers can easily use it to hack your WhatsApp account with your MAC address or IMEI code. They can easily access your WhatsApp account by running a using your MAC address and IMEI code.

Lock your SMS App

To hack your WhatsApp account hackers need to verify your WhatsApp account via SMS with your number. So set password for your SMS app, there are several App lockers on the Google Play Store. This will stop hackers from getting verification code. You could also do the same for the iPhone.

So there you have it, some simple ways of making sure no one can ever hack your WhatsApp account. Enjoy