How to make your favourite website an App on your smartphone

how to make a website an app

Most major smartphone platforms have gotten much better at saving websites to your homescreen, and I must admit our techjaja icon looks quite fetching there. I really don’t see the point of downloading an app of something which already exists on the internet like popular News websites. — but that’s just me. I would prefer having a web app than downloading the native app from the app store, this way you can save on some storage space.

how to make a website an app 2

With improvements in several mobile browsers you can now make any great website an app (Web App) on the homescreen of your smartphone. All default browsers like Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS can do the trick. Here is how to make your favourite website an App on your smartphone.

On Android

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In Chrome on Android, it’s an option under the menu. As shown below

Web App on android


In Safari on iOS, it’s a tap away in the Share menu, the square icon with the arrow sticking out.

Web App on iOS

Windows Phone

On Windows Phone, it’s also an option under the More menu so no need for apps since the apps pull the same information from the website.

There you have it’s simple and straightforward.