How To Install Apple’s iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite right now

i OS 8

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OS X Yosemite, Apple’s latest entry OS X update will be officially available to consumers free of charge on an unspecified date this September. As usual, Apple is offering an official OS X Yosemite preview (beta) that is open to the first one million users who sign up but looks like that preview version will not arrive until next month or much later.

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Right now, the only official access to the OS X Yosemite beta or iOS 8 beta is for Mac developers whose special accounts cost money. $99/year to be exact. However, If you’re itching like me, can’t afford a Mac developer account and don’t want to wait for Apple to officially release the official beta, here is what you need to do to get the OS X Yosemite beta on your Mac right now.

The most reliable unofficial source for OS X Yosemite beta downloads is This team regularly updates their site with all the Apple betas. The OS X Yosemite beta is 4.7GB, so be sure to download it from a reliable internet connection and please watch your data bundles. I personally downloaded it from the office since this is work related – I kid you not.

You can upgrade to the OS X Yosemite beta without erasing your Mac or losing files. It is a great idea to make sure your important files are backed up to be safe. Also, since there’s no easy downgrade option it’s highly advisable to install this beta on a separate partition of roughly 20-30GB. The Disk Utility app within your existing Mac OS can help you partition with a few simple clicks.

Beware please, beta versions can be very unstable, although they get updated and patched up very regularly. I’m enjoying every bit of it so far though. Tons of new features.



i OS 8

If you also have an iPhone or iPad and to stand out from the crowd and enjoy the beautiful new iOS 8, or enjoy great cross-functional perks like receiving phone calls an SMS texting directly from your Mac with the new OS X, installing iOS 8 on your phone of iPad is a no-brainer.

Again, there’s an element that requires you to own a Mac developer account which costs money, but of course we can find our way around this. Every iphone/ipad device has a Unique Device Identifier(UDID) and every device UDID needs to be registered with Apple servers to allow access to the beta.

Officially, only MAC developers can register their device UDIDs, but since Apple allows up to 100 devices per dev account, the devs in turn make it easy for us the common folk to get ours registered at a mere $3 – $5 by registering with 3rd party sites like the, where you can also download the iOS 8 beta software and install on your device via iTunes.

Note: In order to be able to use iOS betas, you MUST register UDID or else your device will be rendered unusable! Getting your i-device UDID: Plug your device into iTunes, selecting it, and then clicking on the serial number for it to show the UDID. I’m still playing around with the OS X beta and have iOS 8 installed on my iPad. I’ll test it on an iPhone when i finally trade in my HTC One for an iPhone 5C or S on the streets.

Please note that betas can be unstable and some apps might have compatibility issues, but all in all if you ask me, I think it’s well worth the switch.