How to get Two WhatsApp accounts working on one Android phone

two whatsapp accounts on one android phone

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For everyone who has a smartphone it would be right to say that having WhatsApp has become a must have for your Instant Messaging needs. I know the title is a bit luring to read especially for those who have phone snooping friends or lovers, those who want another version of WhatsApp for their own naughty needs and those with dual SIM Android smartphones. The question you have to ask yourself before you read ahead is “Do I want to use two whatsapp account in one phone?” If your answer is yes, please read on else if abort. “Next ask yourself Do I love to explore more things with my android phone?” So if your answer is also a yes then you are go to go. At techjaja we have you covered, we shall show you how to get two WhatsApp accounts working on one Android with this app I discovered recently.


What you have to know is that each WhatsApp account is registered by your phone’s unique identity also known as IMEI and your phone number. Here we go, first you will need your official WhatsApp, this is the usual WhatsApp that you currently have in your phone . Second, now download another app its called OGWhatsapp.apk in your android phone from HERE.

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[badge variation=”badge-important”]After you are done downloading don’t install it yet. That part will come so please, patience.[/badge]

Lets get started

Before you start anything remember to back up your WhatsApp chats (Goto : Settings-> Chat settings -> Backup conversation). Next you will go to settings then App settings/Apps open WhatsApp and clear all data from there as shown below.

clear whatsapp data

Open your File Manager (install one in case you don’t have, I am using ES File Manager), go to the version of WhatsApp that you downloaded and Rename the “WhatsApp” Folder name with ‘OGWhatsApp”.

save ogwhatsapp

It’s time to get dirty, install OGWhatsapp app which you just  downloaded. Now you have two WhatsApp applications on your android phone 1. WhatsApp official App 2. OGWhatApp App. Now open OGWhatsApp and verify your account with your old number which you were using in your official WhatsApp.


Now open the official WhatsApp app and verify your account with new number. And there you have it, you are done You can now use your two WhatsApp applications for all your naughty deeds.