How I got Facebook’s Paper App working out of the US


Device: iPhone 4

OS: iOS 7.0.4

Time: Somewhere between late breakfast and early lunch

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Mission: Get the Damn app to work

When I first read about Paper, I was excited! The site that was promoting it was nice, I liked the clean look, and thought, “Oh, finally! Facebook has decided to build sense for the end user!”¬†which can be loosely translated as “Yeyy!! A new app!” for the lay-man.

Fast-forward two days after the app’s 3rd February release, I set off on a mission to download, install, and bask in the glory of a new find! A pioneer, I wanted to think of myself as! #TeamEarlyAdopters had I tweeted. Boy, was I in for a shock.

There I was, trying to download the app – only to be told that I had to be in the US of me to be able to get it. (iTunes has location-based stores to better advertise region-specific content. I was ‘dumped’ in the Ugandan store when I signed up as a person based in Uganda).

After 10 minutes of changing stores and finally succumbing to telling iTunes that I, infact am an American from California (ZIP code 90003), I was finally able to get the download running.

Get ready for a detailed review where I will introduce the top 5 reasons not to download Paper: the app that would turn out to be a complete waste of a good 4-5 hours of my day.