How to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts

The unanswered question finally given a solution

I have been asked this question a couple of times especially from people who scroll through my news feed. They are always asking me how i manage to Tweet and My tweets appear on my timeline. I will agree the first time I tried linking my Facebook and Twitter account wasn’t that a walk through but finally i proved myself victorious but now you don’t have to go through what i had to go through then as the steps have been broken down. Its a paradox long solved but people haven’t realized it yet. You have to post from each service separately but you can now do it from any of the two With all hurdles eliminated, stay put and firm as i take you through these friendly steps.. It wont require any social media management system like HootSuite,Plume and many others out there.

NB:You should have both your twitter and Facebook accounts logged in at the same time.

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In your facebook Graph search, search for Twitter and select the app not the page. Then select “Go to your Twitter Profile Settings to start”


In your twitter settings follow these steps promptly


Your Tweets will appear on your Facebook timeline if you follow those few steps and execute them successfully. Just like this