How to bargain for a smartphone in Kampala

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The streets of Kampala are flooded with smartphone shops and dealers. Whether you are looking for a new smartphone or you want to replace your existing one, you can never run out of options. Not forgetting online classified app and website OLX where you can buy a new or used smartphone or our dear old carriers that offer them bundled up with voice and data offerings. For those wanting to know what to consider before buying a smartphone in Kampala, we’ve already got you covered.

Knowing that price would be great, but carriers and people in the smartphone business in Kampala can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to pricing especially high-end smartphones. These shenanigans apply to more than just the iPhone, Samsung or HTC of course, but right now we have seen less known brands like Tecno and Huawei spring up in the Ugandan market and having the above UGX 1 million price tag for their high-end phones.

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So here, forthwith, is a guide to bargaining for a smartphone in Kampala. We didn’t follow every path down to the final cost — in part because the final cost with many of terms and conditions and the “phase of the Moon” when you buy it. But maybe, just maybe, we nailed the confusing experience especially if you want to swap your exiting phone or you want to know the fine line on how much you can undercut the seller. Increasingly, more and more consumers are finally figuring out that’s the best option for them. Take the short survey we have below and see if it helps you get a tip or two on how you will go about with the bargaining.

How to bargain for a smartphone in Kampala



Co-Authored by: Remmegious Ssewankambo

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