How to avoid downtime due to security issues

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In todays extremely competitive business environment, downtime is not so much of an option as everyone from employees to the top company executives, business partners expect data to be available 24/7. When it gets to the social world, things get real bloody as neither he nor she expects any downtime and when it comes to my sisters in Christ they don’t tolerate any kind of excuse for downtime from brothers in other wards your uptime should be more 100% just like emergency contacts.

This is quite a challenge due to the fact that having an up time of 99.9% is not such an easy task with Hackers and Script Kiddies that have  presented a very huge challenge for senior IT and business executives who ensure the safety of the data as well as ensuring its availability in times of need. This is mainly because as the company’s top team is struggling to keep the up-time at more than 90%. Below we provide a few practices organizations can follow in order to safe guard their data while making it available to the end users when there is need.

Conduct a Security Audit.

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Having Information (data) is one thing and knowing which kind of data is vulnerable is another issue more to that is if you don’t know the valuable data then it makes it hard for you to securely protect your data. It is essential that you work with an expert to audit your entire IT Infrastructure starting from the mobile devices, computer network, as a way of ensuring safety of your data.

Keep some of the information Offsite.

This is commonly known as data backup which is a very good practice, but if the data is stored off site then it becomes a better practice. In case of any disaster like fire, your data could be lost as well. Just like how people have made it a practice to keep most of their precious images on computers rather than on the mobile phones which can be easily accessed by the lady of house.

Encrypt your Data.

Data Encryption a least known practice among the non-tech people but how ever considered one of the best data security practices. Commonly used among high school students who send good night messages to fellow students in language which cannot even be interpreted by the school Board Chairman. The advantage of this practice is that when your portable USB, or Hard Drive happens to be owned by someone else (stolen) then it makes the accessibility of the data difficult since it’s encrypted.

Use Strong and multiple passwords

Again and again (Neera Neera) this has become one of the top jams on the billboard charts in Uganda. Let’s face it, anyone who has connected to the internet or in case you have had some basic training (muchaka-muchaka) you have been told of safety fast. Therefore, in the dotcom world strong and multiple passwords have become the major line of defense to make sure your safety. A strong password consists of alphanumeric, symbolic characters example 123we,./.

Protect your mobile devices.

A few years ago, we could sit in public places and share a few stories with strangers but today as everyone gets into a taxi you immediately check out who is online on Viber, Facebook, then tweeting which clearly confirms the saying that “smartphones are getting smarter while we human beings are getting wonderfully stupid…”.With a lot of ignorance people have under estimated the amount of damage these mobile devices can cause to firms especially the fact a few people use mobile security apps when lost or lands into the ownership of a wrong person. This means that someone else has access to your contacts, confidential emails and probably your productivity or supply chain. Therefore protection of these devices is very important.

Have Information Security Policies in Place

Every security conscious organization has security policies in place which are a must follow for each member of the work force in a firm. For example, it is a policy that employee devices such as mobile phones, tablets don’t connect to the cooperate network at any time while with in or around the firm. This will ensure that people do not come and connect their devices as many devices have viruses which might compromise the cooperate network.

Create Security awareness with in your staff.

Train your employees in basic security or precautionary measures that have to be taken while online, how they protect their devices against attacks, so that they stay safe as well as limiting the dangers that might happen in case of a data breach and how to deal with every day related issues.

We hope this has been informative and keep reading our Cyber security posts to stay safe in wonderfully dotcom era.


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