How to ____________ the Apple Watch

Apple Wacth showcase

For a product that is not yet on the market officially, Apple is taking it seriously to ensure no one misses any detail about the upcoming Apple Watch. The iPhone maker has released a series of how to videos of the Apple Watch for those that are still craving more. The team at Cupertino believes that the guided tour of the wearable that should help answer any remaining questions you might have. The videos show the different features (messages, general functionality, digital touch and faces), explaining in detail how they work. For example according to these how to videos, the digital crown, deeply is integrated to the Watch as the clickwheel was to olden iPods.

Apple just wants everyone to be familiar with this new product category just like it did back then before the first generation iPhone was officially on the market. Check out these uploaded YouTube videos for more.

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Image Credit: TechnoBuffalo

Source: Apple