How safe is this Google dominated Internet?

Google dominated Internet


Google dominated InternetAs the internet heals from the recent heartbleed virus, internet safety and  privacy remains a big concern  to online users, it is good business to any one offering security to protect such users from online risks, privacy in particular. But who should offer that ultimate protection that internet users badly need? Some say it should be Google, since it’s the most used, but are we safe in this Google dominated internet? Many have built lucrative business around such a business model, protecting users against the evils of the internet.

Netizens are always seeking secure ways while online. The many security options offered are proving not enough. I think the biggest players with this battle should be these large internet corporations like Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Businesses that have existed since the early dotcom boom. We all know experience is the best teacher.

The recent purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook came under serious scrutiny and criticism, security being the main concern . Where as Facebook has built its platform on open grounds, WhatsApp built its business model putting privacy first. This saw an upsurge in downloads of other messaging apps from the competition like Telegram known for their security. This might sound as old news to your ears or your eyes have come across many articles describing this but security is big business now. Even before, the likes of Norton Security wouldn’t have had big names, McAfee, Avast and the likes but now it’s so urgent since most netizens are being spied on and the internet having so much censorship. Recent events in Turkey are a good example, you can read more here. So the citizens chose the best security options to protect their online activity from such threats.


Google dominated Internet
The search Engines
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“The real threat is Google”. This came from a friend who raised his concern and he came to common grounds with most people, which prompted me to write this article. It will come as no surprise some people have no idea that Microsoft has a search engine called Bing or there is another one called Baido, the Chinese’s equivalent to Google. We all know the internet is Google dominated take an example for my case, everyday when I wake up, the first thing I do is to log into my personal mail that goes with that ‘G’ moniker.

Still a Google service and I make most of my search using Google in fact I should put it right by saying I Google everything I need to know about, need to research about and most of my online activity rotates around Google just like everyone else. Gotta know something, just Google it and you’ll feel lucky. I do much of my browsing through chrome, not that I find other browsers boring but it comes up as my preferred choice and similarly it tops most of my colleagues gadgets as the preferred browser of choice. Google has built its self as one of Internets most successful and recognizable companies. Furthermore I use Android though I find escape on other platforms but they don’t exclude Google’s services especially Apples iOS. When i am holding an iOS device, I have to use Google services ranging from Mail, Maps, Drive, Chrome and recently analytics. Google is everywhere around me but am I safe?


 Are we safe ? It’s the preferred search engine across the globe and many of its localized versions, still rank top as the most visited sites across those respective countries. Everything Google and everything Google. Google building its business around Ads adds insult to the injury. Signing up for its services will need one to submit personal information which could be used especially with targeted Ads. The recent revelations by the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden makes everyone vulnerable in case such information lands in the wrong hands. Ever heard of identity theft ? Fraud? Many people have payment history, their personal security codes, bank information stored on servers or in a world which Google rules and this could easily become a hacker play field.

Google showed transparency by publishing all governments requests of the data in question or needed by the so-called governments and went ahead with a promise to submit such information to the public.. That being government requests  then what about the so-called hackers? Hacker groups are having their work felt over the internet and names sound in prominent organizations like the SEA (Syrian electronic Army). This has compromised many organizations and large corporations like Microsoft and Forbes. Many have lost out this battle as these people find security flaws to exploit and the users pay the price.


I forgot to tell you how I actually love Google, it tells me everything I will need before I suggest it or before I hit that search button. Recommendations, restaurants, my favorite basketball team,news,insights and everything. But this brings my fears to the table this information turning out next to being correct. Not that I provided it to Google but because it has all my search history, personal information that it can tell how I get along with my life. On top of that it has my travel history, they know I commute, the areas I frequent as I can’t escape away from its services like maps. My biggest concern is such information landing in the wrong hands. At one time I opted out and erased that information but actually Google knew everything about me and I can’t escape away from the internet.

So no one seems to know how safe we are in this Google dominated Internet, its like one giant battle field. Despite Microsoft’s defaming Scroogled campaign, Google is still rules and controls the internet.

Do you feel safe using the internet? Is internet privacy and security paramount for you? Feel free to leave us a comment below.


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