How Microsoft plans to implement Ads on Windows 8: We see some concepts (Video)

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Seems Microsoft is not sleeping as it has been experimenting with various new ways to create ad platforms on Windows 8 and Xbox, but this week the company is launching a new format designed
to create interactive and panoramic adverts within applications. The software giant has collaborated with a number of agencies to create concepts that show off the potential for the new “Ad Pano” ad format.

The new ads are a big change from the traditional pop up and banner ads found on the web. Digital
agencies have been experimenting with new ad formats, specifically parallax imagery, for a while now, but Microsoft’s approach is similar to Apple’s iAds where adverts are designed to be high quality ones that do not disturb the user. iAds are fairly unproven though, with Apple struggling to complete with Google’s AdMob service on price and cross-platform appeal.

Microsoft will initially launch the new format on Windows 8 in the US and UK initially, with adverts available in apps that integrate the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8. While Microsoft has been criticized for including ads within its Xbox dashboard and Windows 8 apps, the latest demonstrations are concept for now, but the company is aiming to scale them and make them more accessible for additional advertisers. If brands buy into them — the pricing is still unknown — and they become popular then we’ll likely see a lot more of them in future, vying for your attention as you scroll through a Windows 8 app.

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VIA: The Verge

Source: Microsoft Blog