How Big Data Will Sustain Organizations


Loic LeGuisquet, the Executive VP, Oracle EMEA pointed out two technology trends that will transform businesses in EMEA, at the 2013 Oracle Open world conference in San Francisco, disruptive technologies like the internet of things which incrementally change how organizations and people work and how big data will improve customer value in EMEA.

LeGuisquet says it’s about how technology brings the innovation spirit in business operations; he referred to Gartner’s 2015 prediction that 1.3 million jobs will be focused on big data. Noriyuki Toyoki, Corporate Senior Vice President, says modernizing and the use of analytics in big data then expanding these big data processing systems is critical for organization’s growth, success and survival of any business enterprises.

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To stay ahead of market competition, companies must be devoted to use big data for example from operation statistics and customer forums. However they should have powerful systems in place like servers that can handle the processing of big data in real time.

Consequently, Toyoki says before diving deep into big data, organizations should first set parameters to data they want to analyze, then they should identify second level sensitive groups among the data to be analyzed because this increases the probability at which companies predict the success of a product before actually even producing it.

“The key to successful use of big data is an organization’s ability to analyze these data using powerful and flexible technology tools”, says Toyoki.

LeGuisquet says Oracle continues to deliver more than USD 11 million of huge performance improvement in ICT infrastructure per physical year in EMEA, he mentioned about Oracle’s cloud solutions that have been used by customers to monitor social networks rather than use traditional HR systems in order to empower employees and their organizations on operation efficiency.

Oracle supports the G-cloud initiative in the United Kingdom as a strong responsibility to transform business and governments, he gave a case study of TESCO, a UK company picked up e-commerce at their store to serve the supply chain system for online customers, they set up smart tables that recognize s customer’s iPhone then seamlessly match them to
their online orders.

McAfee are also using Oracle’s sales and marketing solution to generate demand leads, by analyzing data, they have had four times improvement in converting they marketing leads to sales.

Oracle has plans to accelerate investment plans to grow economies in Africa, LeGuisquet concluded the keynote speech by acknowledging the innovation behind MPESA mobile money payment mechanism.

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